Price List – Ma & Co Accountants


Price List – Ma & Co Accountants


*NOTE* – Due to the amount of time spent communicating with HMRC, at the request of clients, we must now charge a fair price for the time. Calls made to HMRC at the request of clients will now be charged at our usual bookkeeping hourly rate of £25/hour + VAT with a minimum of 1 hour.

We have tried to make our prices as fair as possible so that smaller businesses with less paperwork are charged less than businesses with lots of paperwork.

If there really isn’t much for us to do, at our discretion, we may charge even less than the prices shown below. Get in touch to discuss your circumstances.

Bookkeeping (where it all starts):


Hourly Rate: £25

Day Rate (8 hrs):  £175

If your books are in order, it will take less time and cost you less.

If you have a big box full of receipts in no particular order, it will cost more.

Accounts & Tax Returns

This comes after the bookkeeping has been done.


Self-Employed: £200

Includes Profit & Loss Statement & submitting your Tax Return to HMRC

Partnerships: £300

(£100 per partner + £100 for partnership return) Includes P&L & submission to HMRC

Limited Company: £400

Includes preparing Limited Company Accounts & submitting to both HMRC & Companies House


Price as per Bookkeeping with no additional charge for submitting your VAT Return.


Hourly Rate: £25

Day Rate (8 hrs): £175

Additional Limited Company Requirements:


Annual Return (prepare & submit)    £50

Director's Personal Tax Return (each) £50



Additional Limited Company Options:


Company Formation (inc. Certificate) – one-off  £99

Dormant Accounts – annually £100

Company Registered Office – annually £60

Company Registered Office (with mail forwarding) £120

Company Secretary – annually £170

Change of Company Details (address, director, etc.) £40



Payroll Services:


PAYE Scheme Set Up – one-off  £25

Adding each employee at set up £5

Add starter/remove leaver £5

Payslips – each £2.50

RTI (each) £10

Edits & Amendments £2.50

EPS £2



CIS Scheme Set Up (one-off)  £25

Monthly Return 1 subcontractor £25

Monthly Return 2 subcontractors £35

Monthly Return 3 subcontractors + £55

Subcontractor verification £10

Additional Services:


VAT Registration/Deregistration £25

CITB Levy Return £45

Payments to HMRC (or other 3rd party) £7.50

Extras: Domain Registration £10

1 Year Website Hosting £50

1 Page Basic Website £50

Each Additional Web Page £50

Email Set Up (each address) £10

Email Signature Set Up £20

Google Submission £10

Google Places Set Up £30

Company Logo Design £100

Letterhead Design £50